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The word ‘Neshama’ means soul in Hebrew. According to Judaism, the soul is the super-conscious and deep of human. Our inner, inner core that never changes or breaks down. The soul is always pure and no man can’t harm it, but rather dim its appearance and manifestation in it.

The dialogue with my Jewish identity coupled with the passion for music engendered this project, which began with my studies in Manhattan School of Music and has been with me ever since.

The rationale behind the choice of works was a combination of musical interest and the reflection of Jewish creative individuals. This is an area that is not sufficiently developed, and the recognition of Jewish artists is important to me, especially for those who wrote for guitar.

In the recital the listener undergoes a musical journey between periods and different types of music that create a rich picture of the guitar’s Neshama.

The recital combines Jewish composers of all eras and pieces with a connection to the Jewish heritage. Together they form a fascinating mosaic of virtuosity and heritage that tells the Jewish story.



NeshamaGuitar is a guitar program created and performed by the virtuoso guitarist Yishai Fisher.

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