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Ocean - The Deep - Stringscapes
Forest -Leaves In The Dark - Stringscapes
Desert - Dream Catcher - Stringscapes


A Portrait of The World in Nylon and Steel


Jake Hertzog and Yishai Fisher


Stringscapes: The newest project from classical guitar virtuoso Yishai Fisher and critically-acclaimed guitarist Jake Hertzog, is a duo ensemble, a unique fusion of the classical and the jazz world.


Drawing on a diverse set of influences and unique combination of sounds - the nylon string guitar and the steel string guitar - Stringscapes is pushing the boundary between composed and improvised music.


The album, "A Portrait of the World in Nylon and Steel", is published by Fret Monkey record label and is a suite of four major works each with three movements that are inspired by the extreme landscapes on planet earth, all composed by Hertzog. 


Stringscapes is now available for tour dates in 2019/20 and masterclasses and workshops at colleges and conservatories. 

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