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Vladislav Uspensky (1937-2004) - Raphsody on Jewish Themes

Uspensky was a Russian pianist and composer. During his tenure as dean of the conservatory in Leningrad he met Matanya Ophee. Matanya was a former Israeli, a pilot and a man of many traits, who devoted a big part of his life to classical guitar literature. Uspensky dedicated “Raphsody on Jewish Themes” to Matanya. This exciting work, in the Rondo structure, includes a recurring dynamic theme and quotes taken out of traditional Jewish melodies.

Yehezkel Braun (1922-2014) was born in Germany and has lived most of his life in Israel. I play Braun's guitar suite. The suite consists of five chapters - Preludio, Toccata, Aria, Corrente and Ciaccona. Braun grew up surrounded by Jewish and Arabic music. Ones can see those influences clearly expressed in the guitar suite -  From the Lyrical Preludio through the Andalusian Toccata and to the prayer like Ciaccona.

Alexander Tansman (1897-1986) was born in Poland and lived most of his life in Paris. I perform several movments from the Polish Suite, which includes Polish folk music with Jewish elements. The music expresses Tansman's longing for his father's home from which he was forced to exile due to Nazi persecution. You can also hear elements from the Jewish prayer in the work (1960). I also perform Tansman's ‘Passacaglia’ which was written for the guitarist Andres Segovia

Hagar Kadima (1957) wrote The piece “A New Day At The End of Each Night” especially for NeshamaGuitar  and dedicated it to me. Hagar who was born in Israel, founded the Israel Women Composers' Forum and was the first Israeli woman composer to obtain a Ph.D. in composition.

The work, which is inspired by the children's song Layila Tov (Good Night), explores the various musical possibilities and expresses the unique sounds of the classical guitar, while maintaining a lyrical and reflective tone.

Roland Dyens (1955-2016) , Guitarist, composer and arranger, was born in Tunisia and lived most of his life in Paris.

I play Dyens eccentric arrangement for the Jazz standard "Nuages" composed by Django Reindhardt. Dyens arranged 'Nuages' for solo classical guitar and added 5 min of music which is a new composition, improvise-like,

all in the spirit of Reinhardt improvisations. 

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